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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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A toilet is a place where we shed all our negativities and impurities. Like other things, Vastu has assigned a particular favourable direction for the placement of toilet in any giver premises, be it an office area or a residence complex. According to Dr. Puneet Chawla, a highly renowned Vastu consultant with over 24 years of experience in this field and an enlightened guru for millions of his disciples all across the globe, the North-west direction is best suited for the placement of a toilet. The next option would be either west or the centre of south. If, for any reason, the toilet is positioned in any other direction, it needs to be rectified through specially designed products by vast professionals and spiritual guru like Dr. Puneet Chawla. 

Problems of having a toilet in any other direction other than the North-west, west or centre of south:

  • leads to immense health problems for the inmates of the house

  • mental problems and depression become quite common

  • loss and wastage of money, failure to pay loans and even bankruptcy takes place

  • regular quarrels and misunderstandings happen between people living in such a house

What is the Toilet positive energy bag and why should it be possessed?

It is not always possible to restructure the house you are living in as per the Vastu principles. Yet the above Vastu flaws cannot be overlooked. In an attempt to strike a balance between these two situations, Dr. Puneet Chawla has invented a very special Toilet positive energy bag which contains unique crystals and other elements that are capable of removing all Vastu impurities relating to a toilet situated wrongly and even induces positive vibrations which lead to health, happiness and overall welfare of the inmates of the house.

Toilet positive energy bag gives the following benefits:

  • Removes all Vastu related problems owing to a wrongly placed toilet 

  • Enhances income flow and adds to the overall prosperity of the in mates of the house

  • Removes all health related problems of the inmates

  • increases wealth in flow into the house

  • Maintains harmony peace and happiness amongst the family members 

How to use the Toilet positive energy bag?

The Toilet positive energy bag should be hung in the toilet near the toilet seat. It should be replaced with a new toilet positive energy bag every month. 

Dr. Chawla says life is beautiful if you make it beautiful, it is positive if you make it positive and it is worth living if you make it so. And the key to achieving all of it is by making a Vastu compliant environment where you choose to live. 


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