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Vastu Charm | Copper Swastik

(5.0) |

Rs. 3500
Product code: LVE-302
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 290 GM

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Product Descriptions

This is an auspicious item to keep in the home. You can fix it on the outer wall of your house or room. This Swastik Pyramid not only brings positive energy but also brings Good Luck to the person as well as remove all obstacles in all undertaking.

Copper Swastik Benefits
Copper Swastik is a protective shield and helps to safeguard you and your premises from evil and negativity.
The Sacred Symbols attract beneficial powers which help to achieve peace, happiness, prosperity and reach your goals.

The Copper Swastik helps you in carrying your prayers to the Almighty and in effect brings you closer to Him.

Weight: 290 GM

Width: 14 CM

Height:14 CM


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