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Vaastu Dhuni

Product code: BVE-330

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Energized by: Dr. Puneet Chawla

Marketed by: Live Vaastu Private Limited Faridabad 121001 Haryana.

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Product Description

Vastu is an ancient science based on the architecture, placement and positioning of building structures in accordance with the five elements of nature and the ten directions of the universe. When there is a non-compliancy with Vastu principles within any structure, there arises loads of problem relating to health, wealth, success and prosperity. Nothing seems to go in the right direction and life becomes a rigmarole of broken dreams and struggling competitions. It is very important to live in a house which is Vastu friendly so that one can prosper and succeed in life, make his dreams come true and have a healthy and happy life. However, if a house in which one is already residing does not abide by Vastu principles; the best solution in such a scenario is to opt for a remedial measure to rectify the Vastu of the place and let happiness and positivity find their way in to the premises. The Vastu Dhuni works like wonders in such situations.

Vastu dhuni powder is a perfect mixture of herbs and special spices clad with intoxicating aromas which infuses a sense of enlightenment and positivity in the surrounding. These herbs are handpicked and are an organic mixture of wild botanicals obtained through sustainable sources. This Vastu Dhuni has been made out of absolutely natural elements, dried under the sun, without making use of any kind of machines for the same. They are most traditional incense Dhuni available in the market, ground in pestles and mortars and made without any kind of adulteration.    

Using the Vastu dhuni on a regular basis rids the environment off all negative energies and vibrations. It clears evil energies and nullifies their affect on the residents living within that structure.

Using Vastu Dhuni within the house helps eliminate the following discrepancies:

• It eliminates Navgraha dosh pertaining to planetary movements for the inmates

• It removes the defects relating to the five elements of nature in correspondence to the Vastu elements of the house and brings happiness and positivity within it

• The negative and evil energies present within the structure get removed when Vastu dhuni is used on a regular basis

• It even instills and induces positive vibrations within the structure thereby making it peaceful and prosperous for the inmates.  

Procedure for using this dhuni powder:

One can use the live Vastu electric burner or coal or cow dung cakes to burn this dhuni. However, it is easier to burn and light it on an electric burner . The smoke which emits from it should be spread in each and every nook and corner of the house and office.


We advice switching to Vastu Dhuni for immediate positive results, which is capable of solving all kinds of problems which tend to disturb a person in his daily living, thereby paving way for a better tomorrow.

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