• Vastu Book ( combo pack 3 ) Vastu Book ( combo pack 3 )
  • Vastu Book ( combo pack 3 ) Vastu Book ( combo pack 3 )
  • Vastu Book ( combo pack 3 ) Vastu Book ( combo pack 3 )

Books | Vastu Book ( combo pack 3 )

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

This package contains three books

  1. Vaastu Passage To Fortune (English)
  2. Energies Your Invisible Friend ,
  3. Woman A Mystery

1. Vaastu Passage to Fortune (English) :- ‘Vaastu, a passage to fortune’ is a comprehensive guide, a handy book, for people of every age group and strata of society, to understand the concepts and principles of Vaastu and adapt them in their day-to-day life. Right from its origin and how it has been linked with the ten directions and the five elements of nature, this book explains it all. Vaastu has always been a difficult subject for most of the people as it has always been misunderstood and misinterpreted. People connect Vaastuwith demolition as its remedial measures; however this does not stand authentic to the subject of discussion here. Vaastu is a very calculative approach towards understanding the ten directions embedded in the universe and the five elements of nature, how they are inter-linked with their respective Hindu Gods and Goddesses, pertaining to the properties of the direction they belong to and why they emit the energies that they do.

2. Energies Your Invisible Friend :- As Dr. Puneet Chawla, the writer of this book, puts it, there are two ways in which we derive energy, one from an external source and the other from within us. By external energies we refer to those energy forms which we get from nature and our surroundings, while internal energies are derived from sources present within us, like feelings of hope, enthusiasm, our will power, concentration, determination and so on.

3. Woman A Mystery :- A woman is quite different from a male in more ways than one. We live in a male chauvinistic society where women are never given the righteous respect, love and adulation that they deserve. In spite of providing every kind of mental, physical and biological support, a man only continues to exploit a woman to the best of his ability, without acknowledging her dedication and love for him.

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