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The west direction is responsible for bringing about stability in life and is occupied by the abdomen, genitals and the reproductive organs of the Vastu Purush. The owner of this direction is Varun dev, the Lord of water, rain, fame and fate. The corresponding planet for the west is Shani (Saturn). The most unique quality of this direction, according to Vastu Shastra, is that it is more powerful at night as it gets activated after sunset.

Vaastu defects in West gives following problems.

  1. Many obstacles start coming in life.
  2. One start feeling low and helpless.
  3. Relatives and friends leave you and make distance.
  4. Diseases of Bones, arthritis, knee pain, blindness, deafness and all sort of disabilities can come.
  5. Vehicle accidents can start happening.

West direction in your house can have following defects.

  1. Kitchen stands in the west.
  2. The main door of the house is in the west.
  3. West of the house is open.
  4. West of the house is down.
  5. West of the house has a drainage.

Remedy for the west direction-

The only fastest solution which gives maximum results at the minimal time frame- The West Protection Bag

If the above defects are there in your building/flat/factory/office, you must hang the west protection Bag on the west wall of your place. It can also be hung on the west main door or any west direction door.This bag contains special ingredients which have been energised by Dr. Puneet Chawla and his team, a highly learned and professional person and an enlightened spiritual guru, having an experience of over two decades in the field of Vastu. However, remember that this bag needs to be replaced every month.

Remember, Vaastu is a way of life which rectifies all odds and turns your failures into successes, hence any non-compliance with Vastu principles works like slow poison and should be rectified at the earliest in order to pursue a comfortable, successful, happy and healthy life.



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