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Commercial Vaastu Project

Commercial Vaastu Project

Commercial Vaastu Project

It is a complete consultancy project in vaastu which is provided by Dr. Puneet chawla. Full step by step by consultancy in vaastu is provided which is for sure not provided by the architects and pandits.

Vaastu is very big subject and should not be understood as that basics are done and every thing in vaastu is complete.

We explain you what you get?

Scanning of plot.

Geopathic stress: Some plots are carrying very good facing as told by conventional vaastu consultants that you take north or east facing plots. But the soil energy of that plot is not good. The earth of that area can be ill. Dr Puneet Chawla can sense this geopathic stress by his energy sensing powers.

Power and fertility of plot: The color and smell of the soil needs to be checked. The plantation of that soil needs to be checked.

Natural Slopes and levels: Bigger area plots have natural slopes, which tell about the nature of the plot. This needs to be checked.

External Environment of plot: There are several factors out of the plot, which decide its power.

Directions: Vaastu cannot be done unless and until the correct directions are checked. The degree of the directions vary. So correct degree of the directions needs to be measured for effective vaastu.

Dr Puneet Chawla will check personally all these points under scanning of the plot and tell you the remedial also.

Understanding Industry structure and comments: Dr Chawla understands the business and industrial structure of the client and then guides you about the vaastu according to business cycle and nature. This is done for the prosperity of the industry

  • Industrial sheds
  • Location of sheds
  • Slopes of sheds
  • Heights of sheds
  • Levels of sheds
  • Placement of machinery.
  • Manufacturing Cycle of goods from raw to finished
  • Facing of the workers
  • Placement of Raw Material
  • Placement of Finished Goods
  • Furnaces.
  • Underground water tanks
  • Overhead water tanks
  • Generator unit
  • Electrical panel
  • ETP Treatment
  • Material in Gate
  • Material gate.
  • Labor office
  • Staff office
  • Administration office.
  • Positioning of the cabins
  • Facing of the people according to the work profile.
  • Main Gate
  • Recption office
  • Conference room.
  • Color of the cabins .
  • Placement of the air conditioners.


  • Placement of toilet
  • Placement of WC
  • Placement of showers and taps
  • Placement of washbasin
  • Placement of mirror
  • Placement of geyser.
  • Color of toilet

Elevation of the building:

  • Height analysis of building.
  • Design analysis building.
  • Material used in elevation.
  • Color of the building.
  • Gate of the building.
  • Positioning of the gate
  • Opening of the gate.
  • Material used
  • Size of the gate.
  • Shape of the gate.
  • Color of the gate is checked
  • Doors and windows .
  • Number of doors and windows
  • Openings.
  • Size
  • Shape of doors and windows.

Guest house location.



  • Auspicious date and timing and rituals.
  • Calculation of mahurats for neevpoojan .
  • Guiding you about what to place in the foundation.
  • Bhoomipoojan,
  • Door placement
  • Celling (RCC Slab)

Opening ceremony.

Provide the facility of trained Brahmin for Only for NeevPoojan.

This whole process includes
Two site visit of Dr Puneet chawla.
Unlimited email discussions
Reasonable number of phone conversations with Dr Puneet Chawla.
Three detailed meeting with client at DrChawla’s office.

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