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Vastu Report For Bedroom

Vastu Report  for Bedroom

There are specific norms in Vaastu shastra for locating the bedroom in a house, colours of the walls, placement of furniture, locating the beds and the attached bathrooms. The main bedrooms should always be in the South quadrant of the house, the master bedroom in the South-west and guest bedroom in the North-west. All other locations are undesirable. In a multi-storeyed house, Vaastu recommends placing the master bedroom on the upper floor. Shape is also a decisive factor. Rectangular and square shapes are better for the bedroom and furniture. Doors should be designed to open into the bedroom, located in the East, North or West sides. Windows to the North or East with a smaller window facing West is the ideal position.   One should sleep with the head in the East or South direction. Lockers should open towards the North and wardrobes should be in the South or West side of the room. Attached bathrooms should never face a bed and should always have the doors shut. For a happy married life, the dressing table and mirror are to be located in the North or Eastern portion of the bedroom.   Where it is not possible to follow all guidelines according to Vaastu, one can place pyramids and other energizers in strategic positions to promote harmony and peace. All these and plenty of precise instructions are detailed in the guide we give once you consult us. Call at the pan India numbers 9899777682

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