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Vastu Services By Dr. Puneet Chawla

Vastu Advice for Industries

Industries are a hub of activity and they need special vastu attention for a flourishing success. In the industries, the perfect amalgamation of human potential and machinery ....

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Vastu Report for Bedroom

There are specific norms in Vastu shastra for locating the bedroom in a house, colors of the walls, placement of furniture, locating the beds and the attached bathrooms. The m....

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Vastu report for Living Room

Living room in any house is the first room that is visible to the guests entering the house. Everyone tries to make the best impression on the guests by making the best use of....

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Vastu report for Kitchen

Vastu teaches us that a kitchen is the hub that provides health and happiness to the people living in the house. When a kitchen is designed according to the principles of vas....

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Vastu Tips for Commercial Buildings

Home is where your happiness is, prosperity is in career and commerce. Designing, building and selecting commercial buildings from the Vastu angle of view greatly helps in pro....

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Vastu Advice for Vacant Plots

Knowing the principles of vaastu before buying a vacant plot is essential. Though is it difficult to find a vacant plot with all the right principles of vaastu, the defects i....

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Vastu report for light

Lighting in a home provides the required illumination for many purposes like reading, working, cooking, etc. It provides an overall illumination solution for all tasks carrie....

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Vaastu for Wealth and Money

Complimenting your home with the right vastu can bring about peace and harmony in many ways. Alleviate your stress and strain, and make a successful living with a positively e....

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