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Vastu shastra for plants

Vastu shastra for plants

A. Tulsi plant should be inside the boundary of the house. Either it should be in the northeast of the plot or in the centre of the house . that is baramada.

B. Climbing plants should not be on the north and east walls. And not on the doors also.

C. There should not be any plant just in front of the main door.

D. There should not be any  bonsai plants in the house, it is applicable inside the house and outside the building structure.

E. Trees like ashoka, shammi, arjun, champa, ketaki, chameli, coconut, mahua, vat, semal, shaal, are auspicious and usher in prosperity. Pakar, galool, neem, behraa, peepal, ber, imli, banana, lemon, pomegranate and bel are not good to plant near the house.

F. Peepal tree in the east leads to poverty but a Bargad tree in the same direction is good.

G. Trees like Peepal, Galool, Semal, Vat should never be planted in the southeast, as they lead to problems for the inmates. Plant the pomegranate tree instead. Plant Galool tree in the south.

H. Don’t plant a Vat tree in the west; instead plant a Peepal tree that will bring stability.

I. Plant a bel tree in the northwest; don’t plant an amla tree in the northeast.

J. Thorny trees, milk-dripping trees and fruit bearing trees are not good anywhere.