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Vastu Shastra Tips For Dining Table

Vastu  Shastra Tips For Dining Table

* Vastu lays down guidelines for every aspect of interiors including the dining area. The dining room should be ideally located in the west. Even the east and the north direction are acceptable for this purpose.  Vastu says the kitchen and dining space should never be placed on different floors. Carrying food up and down the stairs is very inauspicious.

Here are some Vastu guidelines for the dining table:

•    The dining table should not be placed sticking to the wall

•    Never place the dining table sticking to the north-east corner. 

•    The east and north side walls should also not be touched while placing the dining table.

•    The shape of the dining table should be kept square or rectangle

•    According to Vastu, round and oval shapes should be avoided for dining tables 

•    The dining room and the kitchen should be on the same floor

•    The dining table should be placed at the centre of the dining room.

•    The dining area should be well ventilated with good flow of air and proper lighting.

•    The dining area should have broad windows to allow frequent air flow  

•    Soft and slow music should be played in the dining room while having food like Veena, Flute, Shehnai, Sitar, Guitar, Mridangam, Piano, violin, table, Saxophone, tambura etc. 

•    Watching television while having food is absolutely a no-no as per Vastu rules

•    Listening to good music while eating food is highly recommended as per Vastu rules. However, the music should be mild and soothing to the ears.

•    The placement of the chairs of the dining table should be such that the head of the family should face the east while sitting and eating food.

•    Other family members can face the east, north or west but not the south

•    the number of chairs in a dining table should always be even or else there would be disputes within the family

The dining room creates harmony and strengthens relationships, hence great care should be taken to create a Vastu-friendly Dining area which would promote love, togetherness and harmony within the family

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