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Astrological Significance of Feeding Birds and Animals

1. For Planet Sun it is good to feed Wheat Chapaties to Cows and Jaggery to Monkeys on Sundays.

2. For Planet Moon one should feed Wheat Flour Balls to Fish or a White Cow and also give water to Cows
    on Mondays.

3. For planet Mars feed Gram (Chana) and Jaggery (Gudh) to Monkeys on Tuesday.

4. For planet mercury, feed Green Grass to Cows and Millet (Bajra) to Pigeons on Wednesday.

5. For planet Jupiter soaked Gram Lentils (Chana Daal) and Jaggery should be feeded to Cows and Corn to
     Pigeons on Thursdays.

6. For planet Venus offer Milk to Cats or feed wild fishes on Friday.

7. For Planet Saturn feed Buttered or oiled chapattis to Black Dogs on Saturday.

8. For planet Rahu, feed green grass to Buffaloes, Sesame Seeds with sugar to Ants.
     Aum Namah Shivaye

   Dr. Puneet Chawla