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Important points to maintain Health

I feel you will agree with me that Health is a real wealth, the gold, silver and currencies fail to give you
happiness when there is ill health. So let’s see some points to improve the health!
Always sleep with head towards South or East.
Never sit or sleep under the exposed beam.
Face East or North while eating your meal.
Avoid kitchen in North-east as it tends to create health problems in women.
North-east is corner for flowing water, so keep some source of water here.

South-west portion should be ideally provided to elderly people or main owner of house in order to
keep them in good health.
Also keeping iron stuff beneath the bed creates health problems for people.
Growing bamboo plants in home is inauspicious, so avoid it.
Place under the staircase should be used for storage but avoid making any usable place here such as
kitchen, toilet etc.
There should be no room or any other functional place over or below kitchen and toilet.
There are other vastu defects which give severe health issues, such as Toilets in NE, East, SE, North, SW
etc. Kitchen in North East, East, North and South west directions. Bedrooms in North, North East, South
east, directions etc.
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support for good health in all the cases of health, it works specially on cleaning or managing the energies
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Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.