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Vastu tips for happiness

Give to receive: The more we give the more we receive, if you lack love in life give love unconditionally.
If you feel stagnation of financial flow. Give an affordable amount from your income regularly---money
will come back to you ten-fold. Never give pain or hatred. Do not keep grudges for they cause physical
Flow with time: accept everything in life as it comes. We cannot change seasons, or days or nights---we
must endure them. Our scriptures say that the one, who stays peaceful in every state, whether extreme,
whether sorrow, is the perfect human being.
Feed the needy: It is auspicious to feed dogs, fish, horses, birds, and insects. This activity heals our
karma and takes away some of our problems. Plants and trees are also living beings and need to be fed.
Maintaining plants means you are nurturing life. You create a good Vaastu environment if you feed
animals form your kitchen and water plants from your own resources. when these beings share your
food they also share your sorrows.
Mind your body’s Vaastu: A cross handed or cross legged position is not a receiving posture. People
using these postures are usually stubborn and poor recipient of life’s good things. Keep your legs and
arms open. Moving your hands and feet without reason in inauspicious. Never slap your body or other
objects just for fun. Face the north when working or eating and the south when sleeping.
Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.