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Vastu Tips for Delay Problem in Life

Vastu Tips for Delay Problem in Life

1. Reasons for delay in marriage: Underground water tank placed in the southwestern sides of the structures is a big cause in delays for the marriage.  The Maganetic energy which is available from the northeast and directed to the southwest  gets leaked to the sunken area which is created by the underground water tank. The swimming pools in the southwest  is also a reason  for the delay in marriage.

2. Reasons for delay in growth and business: Elevations which are lower and lighter in southwest are  cause for the delay and obstruction in the growth and financial stability. The north or northeastern should not be higher than the southwest direction. This is applicable in the terms of elevation of the building for example heights, weightand the outer structure.
The floor levels and the water slopes which are towards the south and southwest also causes the delay in the financial achievement.

3. Reasons for delay in business payments: The structures which have main gates and doors in the southwest gives the delay in getting the payments. This is specially a reason for the delays in any kind of the delays in life. If in case one has a gate in the southweswt corner of the structure the closed and should be made very heavy.

4. Reasons for delay in decisions: Mirrors in the south creates mental consuion and miscommunication.  It leaves the occupants decisionless. It gives double mindedness.

5. Reasons in delay in conception and progeny: This is a very serious problem and cause too much tensions. The borewells in the southwest and south directions gives these kind of delays. 

6. Reasons for delay in getting job: The room occupied in the northwestern corners gives delay in getting the job. The southwest portion of the plot or structure should be occupied by the master of the house. If other members they should south sides or the western sides of the house.
In the case of business houses they should occupy the southwest as the master cabin. In general the northeast should not be heavy as it may not contain any store, stairs or room. This may provide delays to the occupant.