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Vastu Tips For Financial Growth

Vastu Tips For Financial Growth

1. For better sale: If you have a retial shop or showroom the cashier should face the north direction. Try to place the cash drawer on the south or west wall. Paste mirrors in the cash box or drawer.Keep only cash in the cash lockers,do not place unneccassry papers or other things. Sharp lighting in any showroom creats heat energy and lets the client to decide for quick deal. Multiple and colorful running lights also create good vaastu environment. Also check that the place may not have any basic vaastu defects.

2. For Financial Growth: We need to check the flows of subtle energies. The North Pole energies give us a boost in our environment. We should have more openings from the north in comparison to south. North is owned by lord Kuber the god for money so open the it and lighten it. In case we do not have any opening from the north then it must be light and lower in comparison to south. Main enteris should given from the north if it is possible.

3. Low turnover/incoming: Good plant, good technology but still the capacity of the plant or the staff is not occupied.  You have the capacity increase the production and turnover but not getting the orders.  Check out your north eastern corners, they should not have cuts.  Some plots have the North east corners missing.  This means the vaastu Purush’s head is cut, the magnetic energies entering the plot is stopped.  The North east cut questions that how you can service without the life force energies.  Some times the plot is irregular in shape and unfortunately the North east corners becomes missing.  In some of the cases when you expend you try to buy piece of land adjoining to the existing plot and this is the start of the problems.  Because the peace of land you bought can make the North east cut possible.

* Some tips

1. Brooms: Do not keep your brooms, mops and shoes under the staircase. Keeping dirty things under the stairs creats vaastu defects. Also donot keep the brooms, mops and shoes in the north, north east and east directions, these directions are very pious. Do not keep the brooms standing.

2. Gas stove: Do not place the kitchen gas stove towards the north direction. It burns the chances of your finance luck.

3. Lighting: Darkness is the symbol of dullness, depression and tensions once in the evening even for a small time all the lights of house should be switched on. It vanishes the essence of darkness. The last corner and the Northeast corner of the house should always be kept lighted.