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Vastu Tips For Generator Room

Vastu Tips For Generator Room

Generator Room

A. Direction and Placement -: The generator is a fire element, which creates loud noise, smoke and pollution. It also consumes a large amount of electricity. All these factors combine to generate negative energies. Hence, the correct positioning of the generator room is essential for creating a positive vaastu environment.

B. The generator room should be placed in the southeast corner of the building. Since south east is a termed as a fire direction. Keeping a generator in the southeast is like complementing this direction. If, by any chance, this corner is already occupied, the generator can also be placed in the south.

C. The emissions of smoke from the generator should be released only towards the south or southeast. The north and east directions positive energy directions one should keep these directions more clean and pure so that the maximum use of these directions can be taken.

D. The generator room should be decorated in dark colours and  Red shades. The negative and harsh energies are absorbed by the dark and red shades.

E. Generators kept in the southwestern burn the positive energies which were provided by the northeastern directions. Fire and big noise activity should not be there in the southwest. It may give bad name and fame to the owner.

Note: An elevated  Platform should be created below the generator. This gives a smooth flow of earths gravitional energies.