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Vastu Tips For Hotels

Vastu Tips  for Hotels

Be it any kind of business, Vastu deflects can hinder its growth and success completely. Even in the hospitality industry like a hotel business where guests are to be extended with personalized services, it is highly important to check the position and placement of the various aspects, right from appointment of consultants and staffs to the positioning of every department, therein so as to ensure sure shot success and growth, name and fame of the entity. The Vastu for hotel design with respect to the ten directions and their proper synchronization with the five elements is a must to make a hotel business successful and flourishing. The kitchen, laundry, bathroom, reception area, lobby, every nook and corner of the hotel should abide by Vastu principles so as to yield prosperous results. Quality and unparalleled services are a must for repeat business in the hospitality industry. A guest feels homely and comfortable within a hotel only if its Vastu is full proof, or else the environment does not reflect positive vibrations which make the guests feel restless and depressed. Every room should therefore adhere to Vastu shastra tips so that the quests feel relaxed and at ease. Even the entrance into the hotel should be Vastu compliant. Its location should be easy to access and welcoming at the same time. The entrance, hence, should be chosen by consulting and taking the advice of an expert Vastu consultant. An entrance marks the gateway to success and growth for the hotel business. If there exists Vastu defects in the entrance area, it might result in problems relating to getting new customers or return of old guests, both of which would hamper the hotel business drastically. Even the surroundings of the hotel like roads, structures, canals, rivers, mountains etc play a pivotal role in ascertaining the correct Vastu for the hotel business. Other factors which form part of the hotel design which need to be considered for a hotel business are location of the main kitchen, location and placement of furniture, bathroom and light fixtures inside each room in the hotel, colour and location of each section of the hotel e.g. entrance lobby, reception, cafe area, guest room, kitchen, gymnasium, spa, accounts, Owners cabin, staff quarters etc., location of the water body like undergoround water tank, swimming pool, fountains, etc., location of electricity room, Placement of windows, AC etc., location of waste disposal area and so on. These are general guidelines for the location, design and placement of various departments within a hotel establishment which should be followed so that the hotel business proves to be profitable for its owners. For Vastu advice and tips for your hotel business Dr. Puneet Chawla can prove to be the right consultant and guide who can provide with genuine non-destructive Vastu tips which would enhance the growth, prosperity and success of your establishment in multifold. A personalized consultation is always recommended for your success in business and a memorable living experience for your valued guests which Dr. Chawla can full-fledgedly provide. 

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