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Vastu Tips For Office

Vastu Tips For Office

Shape: The number one point we discuss here is the shape of your office room. The shapes matter a lot, elemental harmony is required in a shape. Shape of the room should be regular and defined. There should not be any extensions from the room, there should not be any cut in corners. Best shapes are perfect squares and rectangles.

Placement: Do not place yourself in the centre of room; choose a corner towards the south and western sides, your left hand side should have a closed area or wall. Beware of the beams overhead, they cause unnecessary stress and burdens. Beams hided under the flash ceilings, gives the same bad effects, better you should check it. Door just in front of your face is not auspicious. Doors and windows behind the table invite politics and betrayals for you.

Tables and chairs: Work on a regular shaped table, like square or rectangle. The proportion of length versus breadth should not be more than 1:2. L Shaped or unidentified shaped tables are not auspicious. While sitting or working on a table the left side of table should be made heavier. Some people place god pictures and idols on table along with other things, avoid this, it is not a good practice to please god. We must give a separate and neat place to god. Your table is a platform for your creativity and work, do not ever eat food have drinks, do not do entertainment activities on the working tables. Some people have a tendency to make their heads down on the table and take a small nap, one should not practice this act. De-cluttering your table enhances you efficiencies.

Chairs in the room should not make a noise while you move them, the creaking noise cuts the energy levels.

Lighting, pictures and credentials: You should have adequate lighting in your office room. Professionals like doctors, architects and designers can have dim and yellow lights. But people in marketing and trading business should give white lights.

Pictures of water slopes without mountains if hanged in front on north wall is very prosperous. Pictures of successful people, successful kings and business people are very helpful.

Credential and achievements should be placed on the west walls. Check our service page- vaastu for office