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Vastu Tips for Problems in relations

Vastu Tips for Problems in relations

Problems and relations with vaastu

1. Respect and Recognition : Good flows of money, but you have a thrust to be recognized by your work in the society, you find blockages on the way. People do not acknowledge your doings and your achievements. You should check the kitchen of you house. If it is available in the southwestern directions it is harmful. In the same way heat furnaces, electricity generators kept in the southwest area in an industry gives bad effects. Fire in the southwestern corner spoils your efforts and achievements. The magnetic energy restored here gets burned.

2. Labor Disputes : Check your Northeast direction may have some fireworks or heat generating equipments. This is one of the causes for frequent labor disputes in your industry or office. Lots of business houses have legal disputes much of time is wasted in legal disputes with clients, one case gets closed and other is raised in this problem check your water sources. Is your water borings, underground water tanks are in southeastern direction of the plot? Southeast is the fire place, its owner is lord Agnidev. Fire and water are both anti elements and does not remain happy with each other. Giving place to water in place of fire is like having an enemy.

3. Stagnated growth : Putting in strong efforts everyday but not getting the desired results. You feel stagnated growth, your business is not growing the way it should be. You are not getting the promotions, even when you have worth.Check your main entries, your main gate, main door may not come in Southwestern corner of the plot. Southwest is an end it should not be a start. Magnetic energy starts from northeast and ends at the southwest if a door or gate is provided here the energy gets leaked. Sun rises from east and sets in the southwest again referring this corner as an end.

4. Low profits : See which direction direction you are facing? If you have a retial shop or showroom the cashier should face the north direction. Try to place the cash drawer on the south or west wall. Paste mirrors in the cash box or drawer. Keep only cash in the cash lockers, do not place unneccassry papers or other things. Sharp lighting in any showroom creats heat energy and lets the client to decide for quick deal. Multiple and colorful running lights also create good vaastu environment. Also check that the place may not have any basic vaastu defects. Corners are very significant in analysing vaastu defects.

5. Restleness : Unrest in heart says you are not happy with life but we try to find the causes and triggers from vaastu angle. Tight and closed spaces give you feeling of loneliness, a closed door to the outer world. Try to remove the unnecessary things and make the area clean and lighter to give an ease to heart. Check if you have more opening towards the southwestern parts of your place, more windows and doors in comparison to northeastern sides invite feeling of depression and anxiety. These openings create leakage of energies which give you low feelings. The accumulation and contentment part is deprived and hence we are deprived of peace at heart.