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Vastu Tips For Relating To The Main Door/Entrance Of The House

Vastu Tips For Relating To The Main Door/Entrance Of The House

* The main entrance door is regarded as the gateway for the entry of all positive energies within the house and even exit of all negative vibrations which hamper and restrict growth of its inmates. The main door lets in all life-giving forces and allows it to circulate in each and every nook and corner of the house thereby bringing about and promoting health, wealth and prosperity for the occupants.

 1. The doors and windows of the house allow the entry of ‘Urja’ or energy into the house and the front door is the key to all of it. Hence we can rightly say that it is the main door that determines the flow of vibrations within any given structure. 

Here are a few important Vastu tips which should be kept in mind regarding the main entrance door of the house:

•    The front door should open completely and should not get restricted by placement of any furniture or shoe rack behind it. This will restrict the entry of positive energy into the house which in turn will lower prospects for opportunities and luck for its occupants. 

 •    The main entrance door should be well kept and oiled from time to time so as to avoid any creaking sounds from its hinges. According to VastuShastra, his is ‘war vedha’ which indicates that something does not seem to be working in your life. 

•    The entrance area should not have a dustbin and should be neat and tidy at all times. 

•    The main door should always open in a clockwise direction and never in an anti-clockwise direction. The latter would cause delay in work and even restrict your progress. It would even lead to differences in opinion among the family members. 

•    There should not be cracks on the main door. Also, the entrance door should be larger than all other doors of the house.

  •    There should not be a wall just in front of the entrance of the house. in fact, it should lead to a door which opens into another room or any other open space. No shadow should fall on the main entrance door like that of a tree or a building.

 •    The main door should never be placed below the ground level. Also, make sure there is no septic tank or underground canal or tank under the main door. The main entrance should also not have any abandoned or wrecked building right in front of it.

•    The house entrance should be decorated with pictures or figures of idols like Goddess Lakshmi or Ganesha. Signs like ‘Om’ and ‘Swastika’ can also be painted on the two side walls of the entry door.

•    Marble or wood should be used for making thresholds for doors. Two pairs of Goddess Lakshmi’s footsteps should be painted on the two sides of the threshold in order to invite the deity into your house.

•    A shoe box or shoe rack should be used for placing shoes; they should not be kept in front of the main door.

•    The main entrance door can also be decorated by placing a pair of marbles at the entrance

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