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Vastu Tips For Take Your Business Forward

Vastu Tips For Take Your Business Forward

Let the ancient wisdom of vaastu help take your business forward in this modern world of cutthroat competition.

For an enterprenuer, nothing is more frustrating than working in indebtness. In come ups and downs depends on several factors, including vaastu. While others may not be under your control, the vaastu aspects of your business are. Use vaastu well to help your business flourish…


Blocking in the north is a major factor that makes a business prone to debts. Heavy furniture, closets, clutter and fewer openings on the north wall are vaastu defects, as is a building elevated more in the north than the south. While constructing upper floors, if the north is covered and the south is left vacant, that too creates a vaastu defect. The magnetic energy coming in from the north gets dissipated if the south does not have a structure to contain it.


If you have an industrial set-up, carefully check the northeast of the premises/structure. There should not be any cuts in the construction or basic land structure. In some plots, the northeast corner is missing, denoting that the vaastu purush’s head is cut; this hinders magnetic energies from entering the plot. The northeast corner is the most sensitive corner of the building. Positioning a toilet in this area leads to business troubles. Creating a raw material store in the northeast also causes many problems, such as dips in order booking and stagnation of business.


  1. Don’t ever take loans on a Tuesday. In fact, do the reverse--- always try to repay loan installments on Tuesday.

  • 2. If you are lending money to someone, do not lend it on a Wednesday, for there might be difficulties in reclaiming it.
  • 3. If burdened by loans and business problems, place a picture of lord Krishna playing the flute and flanked by Radha and a cow. It is said that Krishna’s flute takes away all your problems. But just hanging a picture will not help. Also work hard to counter other shortcomings that harm your business.
  • 4. Apply a swastika (learn how do symbols affect our lives) with turmeric powder on the main door. Always light a diya outside the main door in the evening.
  • 5. Follow the proverb—early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Wake up with the sun; it helps you and your Bussiness Grow