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Vastu Videoes By Dr. Puneet Chawla

South facing properties

Builders and property agents are tensed and worried that there south facing properties are not easily sellable. Is it true? let us see in this superb video. This video is anchored by famous vaastu expert Dr.Puneet Chawla

Concentration in Study

The world is full of struggles and growth. if study and do good in studies then only we can do best for our life. in this video Dr. Puneet Chawla the world famous vaastu expert gives tips for enhancing the studies. Do not miss the video for the better studies aspect in your life

Beam & Vaastu

Dr Puneet Chawla is an Expert Vaastu Consultant. He Provides vaastu recommendations to homes, commercial establishments , industries & Suggests Remedies without demolition using scientific logics only.This Video is about the Health. Do Not Sit & sleep under the Beam as it is not good for the Health.

Vastu Shastra : Vastu Tips New Business Beginners by Dr Puneet Chawla

Vastu Tips - The interiors of every business relevant to its operating desires and magnificence will be created Vastu applicable and Vastu compliant with innovative coming up with of labor area in terms of usage, flexibility and business values. several in-house needs of the corporate will be planned to adapt the

Change the way of living life by Dr Puneet Chawla

A home splashed with extraordinary colors and exquisite interiors additionally desires one thing a lot of to form it all excellent to measure in- the positive energy drive! To integrate these positive energy blocks into your interior styles, you would possibly need to follow some easy Vastu tips.

Interior of My Dream House

Dream house interior- A structure made out of bricks and cement alone can never be termed as a home. A dream house is one which intertwines your emotional feelings along with your aspirations and makes it much more than simply an interior space where you tend to spend your life in with your near and dear

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