Vatu Tips for Conception, Health and Studies of children

Vatu  Tips for Conception, Health and Studies of children

Conception, health and studies of children

Conception problems , newly married or couple’s aspiring a child should never sleep in a Northeast room. The strong magnetic energies from this corner can create harm in both conceiving a child and survival of unborn baby. Check that your bedroom may not have any red or very sharp color. Arrow like things or nails pointing towards you. Also check the placement of your Water tank, if it is placed in Southwest direction of the house/plot it can be a big cause for conception problems. Houses where Northeast corner is not available, there also the occupants may conception problems. Normally plots facing with diagonal directions do not have corners in the sub-directions. In such cases we must create identity for sensitive directions. If you have trees in your house which does not flower may strengthen your problems regarding the progeny. Normally ashoka and keeker trees are not considered good.

Do you have stubborn children? It is a big heart ache for those parents whose children disobey them. It depends a lot on the upbringing of the child. But vaastu also plays a big role. Check the northwest corner of your house it should not be burdened. It should not be elevated in comparison to the southeastern side of plot. Also check that which part of the house of you had give to your children. If you had placed your children in the southwestern sides, they become more powerful and try to dominate. As the children grow the ego problems rises and gives a clash between the father and son.The best rooms for children is western sides or southern sides of the plot, definatly all the corners should be avoided for the children room

The study room should be in the East, North or the North-East directions of the house. More absorption of power and increase the knowledge is available in these areas. Students should also try to face the East or North which will help in quicker learning and improve memory as well as concentration. Books should always be kept in the South-West, South or West direction and not in the North-East. The open book shelf are not good, always try to keep the books in the closed areas may be with glass panel doors, Open book shelf create too much congestion in the mind. Again loads of books on the table create unnecessary pressure on the mind, so the books should not be kept on the tables also.

The study room should also have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddesses Saraswati.
Mothers should make sure  that when children go to bed, their head rests in the South direction. It helps in maintaining the magnetic balance of the body with that of the earth.
Do not to place the bed or working table  beneath a beam, as this is considered suppressive to the thought process. Beam are not good for health it may give some mental problems.

Vaastu wise, The study table should not stick to the wall. there should be a solid wall behind child as one sit at the desk. In cases where there is a window at your back, keep the curtains or blinds closed. The front areas should be open when you are studying. Open areas among you invite fresh , flawless and more energy to remain energetic. When studying, be sure not to sit with your back to the door. The study table and the chair must not face the door.
Good lighting in the study area is very important. The light should be properly spread in each and every corner. One should avoid the spotlights and sharp lights . The sharp lights take out rest from the room and hence not good for better comfort. The mental strain is increased from the sharp lights.
Quartz crystal rock in the Southwest corner helps to further energize the earth element and to enhance the positive energy in the study area. It is a beautiful instrument to extract the negative energies of the environment. This helps the child to release the pent up negative emotions and depressive moods.
Placing an Amytheist crystal on the study table helps concentrate better. This crystal is connected to the crown chakra which is at the top of the human body. This chakra is concerned for overall growth as a good person and helps connect to divine and in turn provide the stability. This crystal is of Violet shades. Deeper shades of violet as very good. This is very good for meditations.

Place a Pyramid on your desk or in your study area. The Pyramid is a geometric power full shape this  helps the child concentrate on what to do and symbolic of  stimulates the unconscious mind to become more receptive to learning.

Violet: Color for religious devotion, knowledge, temperance. Enhances spiritualism, memory, concentration and gives stability of mind. Best for pooja, study rooms, good for students, shcolars, people with lot of mental work. This color is also good for those who are dicey in there decisions, can not think much about there better self etc.