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Why vastu problem comes- Dr. Puneet Chawla Explain

Why vastu problem comes- Dr. Puneet Chawla Explain

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Happiness is of two types, one is transient happiness and the other is long lasting happiness, we can call the later as true happiness. We come across many people who seem to be full of energy, have a wide circle of friends and are always on a move. They want change and action and give an impression that they are very happy. But their happiness is only transient, very short lived and conditional. In their hearts they are always dissatisfied, far from true happiness. True happiness is a great blessing and brings contentment and satisfaction. These are four belief systems which keep true happiness at bay.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 1 : 'The things which I don't have are better than what i have'- We believe that what the other person has much better than what we have. The fact is that grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 2 : : 'More is better'- We believe that more is better. No matter how much we have, we think having still more is better and this belief makes us unhappy.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 3 : 'I shall be happy only if i get what i want'- by such a belief we make our happiness conditional. When we get what we want then instead of feeling contend and happy we set another goal and connect our happiness with that.

BELIEF SYSTEM NO. 4 : 'I shall be happy only if the other person is behaving as I expect'- By such a thinking we make our happiness unstable. We are always dependent on others, if people around us do not listen, we are bothered. One needs to have unbound faith in God's compassion and his mysterious ways of help. In Shaloka 47, Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna says: 'Karmani-vaadhika-rastey ma phaleshu kadachan ma karmphal-hetur-bhoorma te sango-astav-karmani' Through this shaloka the Lord commands, 'The business is with action only and never with its fruits therefore, let not the fruits of your actions be the motive. Also do not get attached to inaction.' So my best advice is that when you face any problem or difficult situation then follow the available solutions within our culture. I can only be a guide, do your part well by taking an appropriate and timely action and leave the results to God.

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