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God created both beauty and brains, beauty being attributed to females and brain attributed to their male counterparts. Can you imagine the universe or the earth without the presence of beauty in it? Trees without flowers, sky without clouds, vast barren lands without greenery? They all would appear incomplete and empty. God paired up males and females for a purpose, to assist Him in his endeavor to create a big, wide and beautiful world around him. Opposites attract, and hence males and females, with different physical, mental and emotional characteristics and actions, were incarnated by God, Almighty, together to create an ecological balance and to assist in continued existence of their kinds.

A woman is quite different from a male in more ways than one. We live in a male chauvinistic society where women are never given the righteous respect, love and adulation that they deserve. In spite of providing every kind of mental, physical and biological support, a man only continues to exploit a woman to the best of his ability, without acknowledging her dedication and love for him.

Through this book, ‘Woman-a mystery’, Dr. Puneet Chawla extends his gratitude to this lovely creation of God and tries to analyze her various roles that she carries out in a single life. It is a tribute to every woman who takes birth, spends her life nurturing her relations and puts her heart and soul in every role that she plays, as a daughter, sister, wife, mother or friend, till one day her soul rests in peace, to depart from this selfish world that never cared for her individual thoughts, emotions and feelings.

A man, in his heart of hearts, knows that he is incomplete without a woman; still, he always tries to show his supremacy by exploiting and dominating her, right from birth till death. God made men strong and powerful physically, but he made women stronger emotionally so that they can take control of the worst of situations in a sensible and balanced state of mind. It is therefore said that girls mature faster; they have a stronger sense of acceptance, patience and tolerance which enables them to take charge of any circumstance or calamity in life with great perseverance. Even then her role in various scenes and aspects of life is never appreciated or acknowledged.

It is believed that a woman has been brought into existence to take care of the needs and aspirations of the men-folk of the society. God made her to control and support her various family members in the face of a father, a brother, a husband and a son. But as a writer of this book, Dr. Chawla very humbly throws a question on all his male-readers, and to him as well, have we ever thought about the needs and wants of a woman? Do we really care about her hopes and aspirations and what she wants from her life? Is it not our moral responsibility to take full care of her happiness and desires?

On a concluding note, Dr. Chawla says that it might be difficult to understand a woman completely, but it is very easy to win her heart and make her feel important and wanted. Remember, if you take one step towards wooing and admiring your lady, she would take 100 steps in return to take care of all the rest of your needs and desires. So, respect, love and be grateful to have been granted by a ‘blessing in disguise, a Woman, exclusively for you.’

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