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  • Lakshmi kamal Gutta (27 pieces ) Lakshmi kamal Gutta (27 pieces )
  • Lakshmi kamal Gutta (27 pieces ) Lakshmi kamal Gutta (27 pieces )
  • Lakshmi kamal Gutta (27 pieces ) Lakshmi kamal Gutta (27 pieces )

Spiritual Remedies | Lakshmi kamal Gutta (27 pieces )

Lotus is Mas Lakshmi’s favourite flower. Maa Lakshmi sits on the lotus flower. Lord Brahma, who emerged from lord Vishnu’s navel also sits on the lotus. It is the most auspicious flower in Hindu mythology. The flower of lotus is said to have a huge resemblance to human life. The very beautiful flower grows in muddy surroundings, stating the fact than the most beautiful creation of god, the soul needs to rise from the mud of ignorance and materialistic world. The lotus seed represent the every
heart of the humanity and therefore is very auspicious.

Benefits of kamal gatta 

  • From ancient times kamal gotta or lotus seeds have been used in religious practices.
  • As lotus is a favourite of Maa Lakshmi,
  • using kamalgatta in her puja, gives special advantage.
  • lotus seeds have healing properties and helps eliminate illness.
  • Maa Lakshmi is the god of wealth, hence lotus seed brings around wealth and prosperity.
  • lotus seeds are helps-in solving business problems.
  • By keeping lotus seeds with you, you ensure recovery of theft, bad debt or any other loss.
  • lotus seeds help in revitalizing heart and mind.
  • Lotus seeds also decreases heart issues.
  • lotus seeds are helpful in stopping vomiting.
  • Kamal gotta helps in reducing the risk of miscarriages in pregnant women. 

Lotus seeds with its numerous benefits is made available to you by Dr. Chawla’s team. They strive to bring the best of nature's gift to humans. Dr. Chawla with his utmost knowledge leads the way to good health and healthy mindset. The packet of 27 pieces of lakshmi kamal gatta weighs 40 grams. 

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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