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  • Rose Quartz Ball Rose Quartz Ball
  • Rose Quartz Ball Rose Quartz Ball
  • Rose Quartz Ball Rose Quartz Ball

Relationship Remedies | Rose Quartz Ball

Why you need this element?

 Love and good relationship is not a taboo. It is good understanding, confidence as a couple, sharing joys and forgiving mistakes. It is being loyal through bad times. It accepts the other partner without the perfection in his life, and adjusts with all the weakness in the partner. Dr. Puneet Chawla
  1. Are you a restless person?
  2. Do you need peace in life?
  3. Are you the one who need love in your life?
  4. Are you the one who cannot give/receive love and peace.
  5. You are in a place where there is anger, hate & distrust.
  6. You have a place where the environment is filled of complaints.
  7. You have a place where there are lots of grudges.

Rose quartz may prove a good friend to eliminate all these problems.

What this element does?

  1. Relaxes the tired, stressed body & mind
  2. If you want to be loved Rose Quartz is meant for you.
  3. Improves the relationship & is good for marital harmony.
  4. Couples who have ego problems, clashing with each other on day-to-day problems.
  5. Good for sales & marketing professionals & people with public dealing.
  6. Regulates the emotions & makes tough life easier.
  7. Rectifies the defect of southeast room, which is bad according to vastu.
  8. It magically helps to remove the anger.
  9. Rose quartz is said to help treat depression.

How to Use?

Keep the rock near you, while sleeping, studying, sitting, driving or meditating This is natural stone available from mother earth, this is available to you energized by Dr. Puneet Chawla fully charged, cleaned and activated to work for you. This is an original stone and contains in built cracks.

Notice: Duplicate stones have no cracks and are very deep in color and have same color all around.

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 500

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  • Said to aid the kidneys and circulatory system, increases fertility, eases sexual and emotional imbalances Provides relief from tension, stress, fear and jealousy Enhances self-confidence and creativity

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