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  • Energy String Energy String
  • Energy String Energy String

Energy String

What is energy?

There are different types of subtle energy prevalent in the building structure and the environment. These energies are important for our healthy living. The energies are magnetic energies, solar energies, North Pole energy, wind energy, gravitational energies etc.

How energy is disturbed?

  1. With the construction and other reasons the energy of the building gets disturbed.
  2. Wrong construction in North disturbs North Pole energy.
  3. Wrong construction in Northeast disturbs magnetic energy.
  4. East Direction disturbs solar energy.
  5. Basements and wrongly made pillars create gravitational energy defects. Etc.
  6. Energy is disturbed by the evil eyes too.
  7. The disease in the house disturbs energy.

How the Energy string helps?

With the Energy specialist Dr. Puneet Chawla the Live Vaastu Team is proud to have his researches. He is continuously on research on Energy for the human kind. His biggest research is still ongoing on the Geo pathy. Quartz Crystal one of his tool to clear negative energy and create positive energy. This helps in clearing of the vaastu defects too.

The outburst of vaastu defects create Negative energy and Quartz clears it, hence creates positives too. One of the wonderful tool in Vaastu to uplift the energy environment.

How to use?

  1. This energy string can be used with out any technical help.
  2. It can be hanged in the bedroom where you feel low and tired. It improves health too.
  3. This energy string can be hanged in the wrongly made toilets to correct their vaastu defect.
  4. This energy string can be hanged in the living area to create happiness in the home.
  5. This string can be hanged on the main door of the house to bring positive luck.
  6. It has multiple uses to create happiness and prosperity in the house.

This string is directly activated and energized by the Legend in Vaastu Dr. Puneet Chawla.

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 300

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