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  • North Bedroom Box North Bedroom Box
  • North Bedroom Box North Bedroom Box

Blessed Live Vaastu Remedies | North Bedroom Box

North, as per Vastu, is a direction dedicated to Lord Shiva. It brings about wealth, goodwill and prosperity. However, if the direction is misused, its results can be really hazardous.

When we think of a bedroom, we think of relaxation and rejuvenation, says Dr. Puneet Chawla, a pragmatic soul, an enlightened Guru and a pioneer in Vastu. The best direction for a bedroom is the south-west but if a bedroom is positioned in the north of a house, it leads to unlimited anxieties and problems for its inmates

If there is a bedroom in the North, the following problems occur:

• Great loss to business and stagnation of growth

• No promotion opportunities

• Huge loans and debts get built up

• Great losses happen and payment recovery becomes difficult both in business and personal finances

• There seems to be no savings and bank balance

The north becomes problematic if:

• There happens to be a kitchen, a toilet or a store room in this direction

• There are garbage dumps, mops and shoes in the north

• There is an overhead water tank in the north

• There is a bedroom, pillar or stairs in the north

• There is a cut in the north

North is the direction for:

• Positive energy from the North Pole

• Underground water tank which can boost the family income tremendously

• Mirrors which reflect and double the positive energies of this direction

• Prosperity and wealth which comes with open, clutter-free and clean north direction

• Lord Kuber resides here and hence gives financial strength to the residents

Vastu dosh of a bedroom in the North can be removed and made positive by placing a North Correction bedroom box within it which has been hand-crafted, energised by Dr. Chawla himself. This box should be kept in the north direction on the bedside table and should be kept in the full moon every month so as to regain its power.

Dr. Chawla says that we are governed by energies all around us. It is upon us how we filter the positive ones and use them for our progress and success so that we have a hassle-free and progressive life ahead.

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
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