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  • North East Kitchen Box North East Kitchen Box
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Vastu Remedies | North East Kitchen Box


North east is the direction for the Lord Shiva the supreme god. It has a water element identity. This direction corner is known for peace and prosperity. If this direction is headed by working kitchen, a lot of vastu defects are created.

This North east kitchen correction box is flooded with high energy crystals, which create very strong energies and correct the vastu defects. Place it on the kitchen gas stove. It should be placed along with the right-hand side of the gas stove.

I want to tell you that if you are less confident about doing some of the things, you must shed your fears and do the same work with extra confidence, this works the same as you love your near and dear with an extra dose of love. Believe me, you will gain extraordinary confidence. Dr. Puneet Chawla
Hear to your voice what it wants from you. Tell the subconscious that you want the desired thing and you will get it. This will be a stepping-stone towards the confidence. If you look at successful personalities they all have faith in them selves, so have faith in you as nobody will come and help you for achieving your goals.

As a Vaastu consultant and as a personality of Dr. Puneet Chawla people have a lot of hopes from me, I tell my clients that every time is right to start for good things, you will face challenges and obstacles too. But despite the fear you get started, as I always say we win after the fear only. My work is to create positive energies around the environment.

I had seen some people think that their Low self-confidence is like a life punishment for them. At Live Vaastu, we believe that if energies of the environment are corrected, the state of mind changes.

Look for the possibilities around you, make your own environment and make yourself as steel.

The Vaastu element by me for your confidence will work wonders. As the founder of Live Vaastu, I have the confidence to boost up your prosperity for body mind and soul.

Why you need this element?

  • Best to enhance the confidence
  • Best to enhance the power
  • Best to enhance the stability
  • Best to feel happy
  • Best to enhance willpower
  • Best to bring good luck
  • Best to remove the depression and anxiety.
  • Best to remove the Northwest defects
  • Best to remove confusion and decision less state.

How to use?

  • Keep the box near you, while sleeping, studying, sitting, driving or meditating.

What are the Vastu Solution for Kitchen in North-East Direction?


Rs. 4500
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 1500

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