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There are great misconceptions in the minds of people regarding the South direction. The South has always been considered as a problematic direction in terms of Vaastu but actually it is not true. It is ruled by the planet Mangal (Mars) The south is, truly speaking, the storehouse for the energies that emanate from the north and hence there should be no openings in this area. Only because this direction is owned by Lord Yama, the God of death, it has created a fear in the minds of people. However, it can be made prosperous with effective Vastu solutions.

The south facing homes should be constructed in a manner that they have more open spaces towards the North and the east direction.The south facing homes, if maintained well as per Vastu principles, yield the same level of success and prosperity to the owners like the east and the north facing plots, however, one needs to orient the entrance of the south facing houses in a manner so as to make it a ‘positive zone at south.’

Vastu defects in South gives following problems.

  1. There are continuous losses in the business and the family affairs.
  2. There is stagnation in the job and no increment.
  3. There is no satisfaction in any work and relation.
  4. There is no concentration of the children in the studies.
  5. There are clashes in the family without any reason.

South direction in your house can have following defects.

  1. There is a water source, water activity, a borewell, a swimming pool in the south of your building.
  2. There is a wide opening in the south.
  3. There is a wide road and thoroughfare in the south direction.
  4. The floor level of the south direction is very low.
  5. The drawing room of the family is in south direction.
  6. The south of the house is used for the study of children.
  7. The south direction of the house has blue color.
  8. The south of the house has more windows in comparison to the north.
  9. The south of the house has mirrors.

In order to diminish the evil effects of the south facing homes, Dr. Puneet Chawla invented the South protection bag.

What is South protection thread?

A certain number of crystals, which are good for pleasing South direction, have been collected and combined to make the unique south protection bag. This bag gives the peaceful energies and perfects the south direction according to vaastu.

How to use?

This bag can be placed in the wrongly made south zone.

This bag can be hung anywhere in the south direction or on the south main door

Dr. Chawla is a highly enlightened spiritual guru. A remedy suggested by him is 100% tried and tested and hence it has the ability to nullify the Vastu defects of the South direction thereby bringing in success, peace and overall prosperity.

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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