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Happy Krishna Janamashtmi to all

Lord Krishna is the eight avatars of Lord Vishnu. Krishna inspires us in many ways. He has given the essence of successful life in Geeta. But are many other lessons we can learn from his life.

Friendship: we learn that a friend is most important in life. We must not forget the friendship at any point of time. We should not get egoistic in friendship; this is proven when Krishna washed Sudama’s feet and met him heartfully. 2. Completing the duties at any cost: At a point of time when Arjuna was confused to complete his duties Lord Krishna told arjuna that in any case we have to forget our relations and complete our duties towards Dharma. Lord Krishna told us that we must see the present situation and act accordingly, we can break, rules, old notions etc. 3. Lord Krishna taught us to indulge in True love always. His relationship with Radha was divine and even at the time of Raas with Radha, Krishna was present with other Gopi's as well. We must avoid lust in the relationship. 4. Lord Krishna always focused on Karma. We must always look forward to do work. Our best efforts should be put towards the karma. We must not focus on the results. Good results will automatically come to you.