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Zero is important

Bring your mind to a zero state! It is situation of mind where hatred, fear, doubt, ego, guilt, shame,

judgement all these emotions do not come. At this stage mind always give positive energy and keeps all
the negative things at bay. The frequency becomes very and leads to a healthy and prosperous life. Then
one always emit love, kindness, compassion kind of feelings. We don’t expect and desire much from the
friends and relatives. This In turn removes all kind of agonies.

Automatically the mind detects the subconscious requirements and give us what we want.
Successful persons have the capability to go in zero state of mind. These types of person are really
magnetic and attracts more positivity.

So, for a good and fulfilling life send your mind in zero state for some time. This is called meditation.
Meditation is extremely helpful for our life. North east is a wonderful direction to sit for meditation.
Make your own separate altar for this time. Your special sitting cloth, light cotton clothes to wear, a
mesmerizing aroma and a oil lamp will do wonders in your meditation for a zero state of mind.

Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla