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Krishna Balarama and a Monster

Once on a full moon day, Krishna and Balarama were walking in the forest, it was late, and they decided
to rest in the forest for the night. It was a dangerous forest, so Krishna suggested "Baladeva, you keep
watch until midnight while I sleep, and I will be on watch from midnight till morning." They both agreed
and Krishna went to sleep.
A few hours passed; Krishna was sleeping sound. Balarama heard a growl at a distance, it was a
terrifying sound. He walked a little further towards the sound. Now he could see a gigantic monster
approaching him. The monster growled again, Balarama was very afraid, he trembled in fear.
Every time he trembled; the monster grew double in size. The monster grew bigger and bigger as it
approached Balarama. Now the monster was standing very close to Balarama, it growled again. Terrified
by the sound, size and terrible smell of the monster Balarama screamed "Krishna! Krishna!" and
collapsed and fell unconscious.
Woken up by the call, Krishna followed the sound and found Balarama sleeping, Krishna thought, 'It
must be my turn now' and started walking. Slowly Krishna recognized the monster standing nearby.
The monster growled at Krishna. "What do you want?" Krishna asked unafraid. The size of the monster
decreased, it shrunk to half its size. "What are you doing here?" Krishna asked again and the monster
shrunk again. Krishna kept questioning it expecting a reply, the monster kept shrinking every time he
Now the monster was just 2 inches tall and looked cute and adorable. Krishna took it in his hand and
placed it in his waist pocket. The night passed and Balarama woke in the morning.
Balarama saw Krishna and joyously shouted "Krishna! Krishna!".
"Krishna! you don't know what a terrible thing happened while you were asleep. There was huge
monster trying to kill us both. I don't know how we survived, the last thing I remember is that I fainted."
Balarama said trying to recall yesterday night's events.
Krishna took out the little monster out of his pocket and said, "Is this the same monster?"
"Yes, but it was so big! how did it shrink?" asked Balarama.
"Every time I questioned it, it shrunk in size, finally it became this."
Balarama told Krishna how the monster grew yesterday every time he was scared of it.
Then Krishna concluded "Every time we are afraid, our fears grow big, but every time we face them
and question them, they become smaller and smaller."
Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla