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How home management removes the Negative energy.

When we talk of our lifestyle, the home management and interiors is an integral part of the daily life.
Lot of places there are shattered glass, chipped crockery, broken trays, unused toys, very old bad looking
show pieces and other similar things are simply stowed away, ignored and forgotten that they are kept.

These objects, however, induce melancholy, sadness and a feeling of hopelessness in the inmates of the
home. Ensure that your accessories have no cracks, your sheets have no stains, your sofa cloth is not
torn and if something breaks,

it should either be repaired immediately or discarded. I am not really
asking you to go high on expenses… this is only releasing the stuck up dirty energies. This will stop the
generation of negative energy around you and the growth will always accompany you. Let’s evaluate life
style and home management the LIVE VAASTU way.

Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.