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Ganesha curses the moon

This is an interesting story of Ganapati which gives us a lesson for the life.

One night, Lord Ganesha went for a ride on his Vahana mouse (mouse being one of his five vehicles).
The small mouse was not able to bear his weight and tripped. The moon started laughing at comic

Ganesha got furious and cursed the moon saying that who so ever looks at the moon on the holy
night of the Ganesh Chaturthi will be untrue blamed. The moon begged Ganesha to withdraw the curse.
Lord Ganesha also understood by his request that he had overreacted. But he could not take back his
bad wishes in the form of curse. So, Moon has to bear the implications.

So, the moral is Think before you react….
Always thinking wisely before you react is the best practice. Anger passes on as an action, but the
reactions remain. So anytime your blood rush down your veins a faster, take control to cool down your
emotional temperature. Life will be easy and good going.

Note: Vastu reason for uncontrollable anger/ unwise actions is defect in south east direction. Water
source, bedroom, washing machine, AC, a cut or an enlargement in this direction creates Vaastu defects
and hence gives immense Anger and irritation and behavioural problems.
Astrologically the planet Mars is responsible for uncontrollable, unwise feelings etc.

Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.