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Some Vastu tips for the family

ENHANCE THE EAST: Indra, god of prosperity, owns the east keep this direction clean, light and
ventilated with maximum windows and doors especially your main door. Green is the harmonious color
for the east.

SENSITIVE PAPERS IN THE NORTH EAST: all sensitive documents—litigation papers, case files,
certificates, testimonials, banks papers, etc., should be kept in the north east. it is a cool direction and
keeps conflicts in check. You could also draw a swastika in the storage space for protection.

YOUR PICTURE IN THE SOUTHWEST: The southwest corners attract northeastern magnetic energies.
Placing your picture your picture with your name and ambition here brings you name and fame.

DIYA IN THE SOUTH EAST: This direction improves chances of fame for you and your family. it wards off
bad energies and protects the family from evil.

HEIGHT OF NAME PLATE: Hang your nameplate at the chest level of the average human height. Lower
than that, it would work towards suppressing your profile. Make sure the letters are bold and clearly

PHYSICAL PLACEMENT: Try to frequent the south, west or southwest of the house. always sleep with
your head towards the south.

Aum Namah Shivaye

Dr. Puneet Chawla.