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Success tips

Postures of body: Sitting crossed handed and crossed legged stops the positive energy to come in our
life. These postures show the negative attitude towards life and stubbornness in life. And one should
also sit straight means spine of our body should be straight. This posture helps in free flow of energy
from the base of the spine to all the body.
Eat less: Eating until you have hunger or more than that is not auspicious. One should try to eat less
then hunger. Remember communication between our stomach and heart is very late.
Create strong energies: Create strong energy environment around you. Good lightning, de-cluttering,
cleanliness, soothing light colours in combinations with sharp colours should be used for enhancing the
strong energies.
Cleanse the negative energies: If we cannot stop the generation of negative energies, one should
always try to clean the negative environment. Lighting pure Sandalwood incense gives cleansing effect.
Use of sea salt in wiping the floors, keep some amount of sea salt in a bowl near you extracts the
negative energies.

Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.