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Success tips

Use North: Maximize the use of north direction. Face north direction while working you will be blessed
by Lord Kuber the god for money. By eating and drinking water towards the north you wil be energized
by north pole energy. Always point your feet towards north while sleeping, this will maintain your good
health account.

Identify North east: Identify the northeast corner of your house/office. Decorate it, light it up with color
full lights, keeps fresh/fragrant flowers in this corner. Water element available here makes northeast
more keep a fountain for prosperity. Do not make it heavy by big furniture and storages, it
should not be burdened. The magnetic energy flow from this point should not be hindered.

West closed: Try to close and block the west direction as possible. More opening in the form of doors
and windows should be avoided towards west. This is not auspicious. Openings towards the western
directions drain away your money and efforts.

Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.