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Declining business and income?

A steep decline in income levels, heavy losses, unable to match the expenses, unfulfilled demands of
family members makes us feel low and depressed. One can vanish the problem very easily. Change the
state of your being. Create wealth in your attitude, come out of sacredness, and indulge into positive
Let us discuss some vaastu and Vedic points: Never say “ I am getting downfall in business” this way you
are empowering your problem. Always give the dues and balances on time.
Facing the north directions opens up the opportunities for money. Place yourself in the southwestern
corner of your place. You should work on a regular shaped table, like square or rectangle. The proportion
of length and breadth should not be more that 1:2.
L shaped or unidentified shaped tables are not auspicious. The best table is which is carrying its four
corners only.
Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.