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Vastu tips

The door of your cash closet should open in the north direction. If you have a cash drawer in your table it
should always be slightly open whenever you are present.
Time is money value it.
Check the water slopes it should not be towards the south or southwestern directions. Give a boost to
North Pole energy clear the obstructions from north to south; accumulate the energy by closing the
south. Make more and more openings from the north or eastern directions.
 Place your client’s information and files in the southwestern directions on the southern and
western corners.
 Let your time be in your place the wall clocks and calendars in north direction.
 Main entries also play a role, any obstruction inside and outside the main door of your office is
also not good.
 Don’t keep God’s idols or pictures on your desk, as it is not respectable.
 Don’t eat on the worktable.
 Don’t indulge in the leisure activities on your table.
 Don’t sleep with the head on the table as this brings down the energy levels of the area.
 Do not create clutter on the table. Keep it clean.
Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.