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Kitchen vastu basics

Unlike in earlier time, modern kitchens are positioned in closed areas. So we need to take care of many
aspects, other than just the direction.

Best Place: As the owner for the southeast direction is lord Agni, all fire related activities should take
place in this direction. Ideally, locate your kitchen in the southeast.

Colour : Oranges, browns, and yellows should be used in, kitchen, green and blue should be avoided,
and being an identity of water blue becomes an anti-element for fire related areas.

Position of stove : the stove is best located in the east or southeast but never the north.

Position of water equipment’s: Place all water arrangements to the stoves left. These includes
washbasin, sinks, drinking water dispenser, taps, etc placing water features in the north is auspicious.
Placement of the raw food : The south and west areas are best suited for grains storage.

Ventilation and lightings : Ensure proper ventilation and day lighting from the east. Also make sure that
there is sufficient artificial lighting.

Dining : having meals in the kitchen is auspicious for the inmates of the house .one should face north
while eating. Offer the first part of food to the stove, another part to a cow and then to a dog. This
counters the effects of the bad karma.

Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.