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Saturn and Rahu problems through daily life.

1. If the main door of the house is dirty and some non-working thing or faulty things are nearby
then Rahu problems can come in your family. Understanding in the family and prosperity comes
to the home.
2. Spider webs behind the doors, clocks and wall hanging brings the Saturn and Rahu afflictions.
They are appeased and bring problems to the home. Clean the spider webs every Saturday.
3. If the south west portion of your house is low and uncovered, the planet Rahu becomes
dominant and creates disbalance in the planetary situations. Brings troubles in the home.
4. Broken handles and cracked utensils in the kitchen are the live Vaastu faults which makes Rahu
dominant in the home. Remove them and get blessed by Rahu.
Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.