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Rahu and Venus trouble through Vaastu

Hey toilet is an integral part of the house, and when an architect designs the house, he
sees the suitability and not the Vastu factor.
So, if a toilet is made in the Southeast of the house, luxury intimacy, love and affection
in the family is on the stake. We work in life very hard for the desired luxuries and when
it’s the time after achieving it even we cannot use it.
Toilet in the south east destroys our peace of mind too.
It is the place of Lord Agni dev and governed by Venus planet for love and luxuries.
Toilet is Rahu, he dominates this place and then malign the Venus. Both are anti
planets and destroy the happiness of family. One must not build the toilet in south east
or should do the remedies. The southeast toilet remedies should be in alignment to
planets, five elements and Vaastu.
Aum Namah Shivaye
Dr. Puneet Chawla.