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Prosperous Life tips

House Cleaning Tools: Brooms, mops and other house cleaning tools should not be kept under the staircase. Keeping dirty or soiled things under the stairs creates vaastu imbalances. These items should also not to be kept in the north, northeast and east directions of the house as these directions are very pious. Furthermore, do not keep the brooms standing, and avoid touching them with your feet, as this is very inauspicious.


Time and Date Articles: Objects such as wall clocks, timepieces and calendars should not be hung on walls that are located in the south, southeastern and southwestern directions. This induces an unfavorable time phase in one’s life. Clocks and calendars should also not be placed above doors. Another important thing to note is that all the clocks in the house or office should be in working condition. If they are not operational, wrap them in paper or place them in a box and store them in a cupboard.