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Positive Vastu tips

Money: If the flow of money in your life seems to be stagnant, it means that the energies in your house are stagnant. Providing ventilation in the house, ringing bells in all corners, and increasing the use of multi-coloured lights will help these energies flow smoothly and improve your money situation.


Nails: Pinning walls with nails in order to hang decorations and paintings should be avoided, as this hurts the walls. Using brass screws for hanging objects on walls is preferable.


Front Courtyards and Walls: Ensure that the front courtyard or any sections of it in a house or office is not broken or worn out. There should also be no clutter in this area. Ignoring these aspects could result in tensions for the building’s residents. A damaged front wall that is broken or has peeling plaster is also inauspicious, and can increase the chances of litigations and government problems. All the walls should be intact and kept looking good, much the same way we take care of the clothes we wear.