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Successful Marriage And Vaastu

A Successful and happy marriage is a dream for every couple. Happy and successful marriage has some characteristics. Let us discuss some points:

Sweet Relations:

Check where your bedroom lies, couples who have southeast bedroom always remain irritated and have clashes in their relations. According to vaastu southeast is a place for fire and fire related gadgets. Logically when sun reaches the southeast direction it emanates Infrared rays. The infrared rays are very harmful for the skin also, and these rays are stored in the room and makes the living uncomfortable. Never hang pictures of animal fights, hunting lion, fire scenes, trees devoid of flowers and fruits, dead and stuffed animals and specially pictures of pigeons, crows, lions, snakes, vultures owls etc.

Harmony with other family members

Keeping good relations with other family members is very important after the marriage. Analyse your gas stove and sink in your kitchen.  gas stove is Agni and sinks is representing water. If Agni element and water element are wrongly placed relations in a family are affected.

Knife and scissors in the kitchen or dining areas should be kept covered. Display or openly placed knife and scissors give a bad relation. Pickles should also be kept in a covered place. display of pickles creates sourness in relations.

Aum NamahShivaye

Dr. Puneet Chawla.