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Some Check Points to Buy the Flat

When ever if you are going to buy a flat, you must see the main gate of the society, it should not be in the south west quadrant direction. This may cause the low energy factor in the premises of the society. The occupants of the flats can face challenges.

The another important point is to be seen is water factor. The swimming pool of the society should not be in south east of the compound. This factor may cause accidents in the society. This can also cause burglary.

The swimming pool should be in North or North east direction.

North east is the important area of the vastu science. This is the most sensitive part of the area. This area can boost the luck and peace factor. The North east area should not have generator set, normally any society has its own power plant. This creates imbalance of energies.

Another point one should see is there is no garbage area in this corner.