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Vastu for Office-Have Focus on Goal

Do you feel confused during the work in your office? Do you face difficulties to get focused to your work? Is this the problem with all your employees and they couldn’t help you to reach your goal?

This is a serious problem and you mustn’t take it lightly. Your success depends on your deed. And your deeds get influenced by your environment. Office is the place where you work the whole day to realize your dreams. So environment of your office must be favorable so that you could focus on your goal peacefully.

To get the environment of office favorable, rules and principles of Vastu Shastra are used. Today, I am about to give you some special tips of vaastu for office, that not only balance your mind but also shall increase your moral.

1. Consider your sitting place: First of all, talk about your sitting chair. Have you ever noticed which direction you face while working? Scriptures suggests North and East direction as the auspicious ones to start any good work. East is the direction of sunrise which is a source of positive energy.

Note: If you have a door or window right behind your chair, then it’s not good as per Vaastu. Reason- you might feel insecure and surprised while working. Means, your sitting place should be in such a way that you have a solid wall on your backside.

2. Working Table: Nowadays, people are using stylish working tables that have no regular shapes. But only and only regular shaped tables are considered auspicious for working. Square or rectangular tables are good for working purpose. Other shapes create confusion during work. Please note that ratio of length and breadth in a rectangular working table shouldn’t be more than 1:2. Don’t place holy idols of gods and goddesses on your working table.

3. Lighting: You should have adequate lighting in your office. Professionals like doctors, architects and designers can have dim light but people in trade and marketing should have bright white lighting.

4. Pictures: Picture of water cascades without mountains is prosperous when hung on north wall. Pictures of successful people like kings and business tycoons are also beneficial. Credentials and achievements should be placed on western wall.

5. Some other noticeable points: Don’t do any other activity like- eating or sleeping on your working table. While working, it is not good to while away your time by reading magazines or any other activities not related to work.

Your office should be like that, you feel ambitiousness when you look at it. You feel a passion towards your destination. And you can bring this positive change by applying these and other tips of Vaastu for office.