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Life Changing habits | Life Changing video | Vastu | Dr. Puneet Chawla

Believe me it works ! Super change your life with these habits.

Clean your temple / meditation sapce:  Daily cleaning of your temple will bring you luck. Yes it happens. Lord Bhraspati will bless you, what ever you ask from god it can happen in your life. Sales and marketing people are highly beneficial. One can win every battle of life doing the cleaning service of the home or office temple. A Cleaning done in public religious place like temple, gurudwara brings abundance.

Dirty food plates: if you are facing troubles, obstacles in life, there could be a possibility of unfavourable Rahu in your birth chart. Malign Rahu brings lots of troubles and stops the success. This tip really works, at lift your used food plate from the dinning table. Lifting your dirty plate please Rahu. It will help you achieve lots of success.

Wiping the washroom: Yes wiping the washroom after taking the bath brings good luck. Some people in the family think that this is not their job. Keeping the washroom dry after the use is very beneficial. It avoids the planetary unrest.

Unorganised bed: After waking up from the bed we freshen up, and get to other work which are very important. But the most important is to organise your bed. Leaving the bed unorganised makes your Saturn and Rahu unfavourable in astrology. So stop your troubles, fold your beddings and blankets.

Your shoes and socks: while you return home, do you manage your shoes? Do you keep them in the place. If yes then the luck will favour you, confusion and obstacles will be out from your life.

All the tips above really works. Itsall small management of day to day life. Bring them in your life and Enjoy.